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Melika Clason Hypnotherapy & EFT Okehampton, West Devon.

About me

I am a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor (Dip TC) Solution Focused Hypnotherapist (DSFH) and EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner living and working in West Devon.  

I have worked extensively as a counsellor supporting survivors of domestic abuse, and individuals suffering with anxietydepression or other debilitating mental health conditions; often battling with addictions that impact the quality of their lives.

I believe that counselling offers individuals a way of acknowledging where they have come from and helps them to find their own way forward. I love how powerful these changes can be for people; I’m continually astounded at the resilience and strength of individuals who have experienced the deepest traumas, and honoured to be with them as they reclaim their identity and self-belief.

I decided to retrain as a hypnotherapist because I found that not everyone I worked with felt ready to explore painful moments from their past in order to move forward with their lives. I found this to be particularly true with the the young adults I worked with and who struggled with counselling techniques. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a light and future-oriented activity, and I like how quickly and effectively this intervention works for people. I think it has given me more flexibility to work with more people.

Hypnotherapy is beneficial for so many ailments and conditions. It can enable clients to reach their full potential, to restore their health and well-being, or help them to reduce harmful habits or addictions that keep them trapped and feeling stuck. It can support individuals within their relationships and help people to build happier, brighter futures for themselves.

More recently my work has seen me supporting individuals with weight loss, smoking cessation and helping individuals suffering with IBS.

EFT felt like the perfect accompaniment to my other qualifications.  I love the hands-on technique and the speed with which this practice unearths trapped emotions that negatively impact people's lives.  Negative emotions triggered in earlier periods of our lives often remain active at a subconscious level.  These emotions feed us (inappropriate) negative messages which undermine and sabotage our attempts to lead fulfilling and productive lives.  The tapping technique which is so easy to learn, enables individuals to free the emotions and thus lift the limiting beliefs they have been operating under, resulting in happier and more fulfilled  lives.

EFT is a technique that can be learnt in minutes and one that clients can continue to experience the benefits of on their own, outside of the therapy room.

Therapy with me

Finding the right therapist is paramount if you are going to experience a sense of healing and growth, which is why I am happy to offer you a free initial consultation. This enables us to meet digitally (via a video link) allowing you an opportunity to find out how I work and to explore briefly the kind of outcomes you hope to achieve through therapy. Meeting before we start work together allows you to decide if I am the right therapist to share your journey with.

Finding the right therapist is about finding the right combination of personality and practice. When looking for a therapist you might want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the way they will work with you, that the pace will always be set by you, and that sessions are driven by what you wish to explore.


  • Hypnotherapy

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    The subconscious mind is a vast resource of creativity and solution orientated answers. By accessing this part of our minds we become free to respond to challenges in positive and constructive ways.

  • Counselling

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    Together we will explore the areas of your life that you wish to look at and move on from, and any underlying discomforts you wish to acknowledge along the way.

  • EFT

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    Why not see what EFT ('Emotional Freedom Technique') can do for you. As a qualified EFT practioner in Okehampton I can use the EFT tapping techniques to assist you with making positive changes.

  • Workshops

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    I also run my own workshops and can design and run personalized workshops for groups tailored specifically for their needs.