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EFT in Okehampton

EFT or 'Emotional Freedom Technique' is a well established therapeutic technique based on Eastern medicine that uses the meridian points or energy channels in the body to create change. It involves the light tapping of these energy points on the body while making statements related to emotional states of being, with the aim of releasing and soothing negative emotions that underpin dysfunctional beliefs or behaviours.   

EFT is all about empowering people! Empowering you to reach your full potential, or help you to reduce harmful habits or addictions and to make positive changes in your life.

Conditions that are believed to be helped by EFT include trauma & PTSD, depression & anxiety, chronic illness and weight loss, among others.

To arrange an EFT session in Okehampton with a qualified EFT Practitioner,
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  • Hypnotherapy

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    The subconscious mind is a vast resource of creativity and solution orientated answers. By accessing this part of our minds we become free to respond to challenges in positive and constructive ways.

  • Counselling

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    Together we will explore the areas of your life that you wish to look at and move on from, and any underlying discomforts you wish to acknowledge along the way.

  • EFT

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    Why not see what EFT ('Emotional Freedom Technique') can do for you. As a qualified EFT practioner in Okehampton I can use the EFT tapping techniques to assist you with making positive changes.

  • Workshops

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    I also run my own workshops and can design and run personalized workshops for groups tailored specifically for their needs.