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Motivation & Lifescaping Work (life Coaching)

My services aren’t just for those times in life when you’re struggling or unwell.
Therapies West Devon is much more than just a mental health support service, It’s a life enhancing service!

Therapies West Devon was born out of a desire to help individuals reach their potential. Often this means clearing the way of negative thoughts behaviours or patterns before an individual is ready to embrace their innate wisdom, confidence and personal dynamism.

I use all my therapeutic skills to enhance wellbeing but it is in EFT that we find the real strength of transformative power. EFT moves people into action and propels them into a new way of seeing and being, it directs them towards the life that they desire to be living, granting them access to their personal power, and igniting their passion to achieve.

EFT is the antidote to a passive life!

EFT might look a bit odd to the untrained eye, it might even feel a bit weird at first but there is some sound scientific evidence behind it. You don’t have to take my word for it you can take a look at the research, there are some links for this below.

EFT is life changing, it can be the difference between having an unsatisfactory life and living an extraordinary life. EFT can be used as an alternative to traditional forms of Life Coaching to help individual’s to turn their lives around and create greater success for themselves.

What if you were told that it takes one act of courage, one tiny step to make a huge change in your current situation. From this one tiny act of courage to try something new, you can create whatever you want in your life, you can reinvent yourself and achieve amazing life embracing acts, you can create everything you need to sustain you in this life time - would you be interested to try it? Because that is all it takes, one courageous step today to try this practice for yourself.

EFT can help you to increase your earning potential, it can support you in creating new business ventures, or simply having the courage to change employment. EFT can support you in moving away from relationships that don’t nourish or enhance your life, allowing you to draw into your world new regenerating, and invigorating partnerships that support and promote your wellbeing.

How does it work? EFT works by locating the blocks that stop you from living the best version of yourself, your most resourceful, resilient, creative, courageous self. This practice helps you to release these blocks, YES even blocks that have been with you the whole of your adult life! Even the blocks that you don’t understand or can’t get to the bottom of - EFT can do this effortlessly and often in record time.

If you are committed to the process and willing to work with it, EFT can very quickly support you in moving forward and achieving all you desire.

All it takes from you is the courage to take one single step, one decision - to try something new..

The best part of this is that it is a fun and exciting journey. You’ll learn so much about yourself along the way, the way you operate, the things that feed your soul, the things you fear, the strength of your ambition and your passion. You will feel safe and supported during this journey. There may be some uncomfortable discoveries along the way but you will be instantly freed from these, and their power to undermine who you are and how you operate will be removed for good, leaving you endless possibilities to achieve.

If you are here at my site, then it is very likely that your thoughts and desires are moving and changing already, your energy and feelings are perhaps starting to shift, maybe you are realising that you want something more, something bigger, happier, brighter? All you have to do now is grab this moment with both hands, and together we can begin that journey of change today.

The perfect time is now while you’re curious, while you are questioning where you are.
Just pick up the phone or text me, email me, just let me know you are ready and I’ll make the rest of this journey as easy and comfortable for you as I can.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect weather, the right moment, you don’t even have to wait until the ban on moving around is lifted, you just need a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted for an hour or so, a willingness to explore, oh and a good internet connection!

So what’s holding back? Are you thinking I can’t do this because I’m not ready, I’m not prepared, I have to get this exactly right? Maybe you think you don’t have enough time, or that you need to do it next month when your head is in a better place? If this is happening to you, pause for a moment and just ask yourself what those tag lines in your head are saying? Are there old voices of doubt telling you to be cautious, to slow down? Are these voices the same voices that in the past criticised or berated you for ‘rushing in’ without thinking? Are these voices keeping you small, keeping you cautious?

Maybe these voices of doubt are holding you back. Often we find that we are still running old patterns of behaviour because we learnt at a young age that it was safer to listen to the voices, and follow their advice than it was to be brave and take risks. If you don’t want to be held back anymore, if you want to think brighter and play bigger then EFT will help you to understand and clear those voices. Those, and beliefs like them are what restrain you and hinder your progress in life!

I look forward to hearing from you when you decide you are ready to begin to create the life you truly want for yourself, until then stay safe and well.

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