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Awakening Retreats for Women - June 19th-22nd 2023.
This 3 day Awakening retreat is located in the heart of Devon amongst the wild, abundant beauty of Dartmoor.
A time to liberate and calm your mind, re-energise your body and step forward into a life that you love living. Learn how to use meditation and tapping techniques to resolve your inner conflicts, gain new clarity, let go of limitation and reconnect with your True Self.
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(Historic) Workshops

Transformation - An Empowering Journey of Self Discovery

Using EFT (tapping),  journalling, group work and meditation this workshop will support you in identifying areas of your life that would benefit from transformation, and then gently guide you to release any emotional blocks, creating a very personal journey of self-discovery and transformation.

This workshop will be jointly run with Bryony Clarkson a Level 3 EFT Practitioner & Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

bryony clarkson, eft reiki practitioner

Bryony Clarkson

I am an advanced (level3) EFT practitioner (tapping) , Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. I am passionate about assisting people to realise their potential by releasing the blocks and limiting beliefs that hold them back. I have personally experienced the profound yet gentle effects of these techniques myself and have seen the results and shifts when working with others.

For further information about Bryony please email / visit bryony@beyondlimitations.co.uk or contact her directly on 07854 632327

 Places are limited and you are advised to book early to avoid disappointment;  the cost for the day will be £60 per person and this includes all equipment required for the journalling element of the program, a selection of hot and cold drinks, and some small snacks.

Please bring a full packed lunch and additional refreshments as required.

Your place will be guaranteed on receipt of full payment. Payments can be made by Bacs transfer or cheque, but cheques must be received and cashed before your place can be guaranteed. 

For more information or to book your place today please call

Bryony on: 07854 632327

Workshops will cater for small groups of people interested in sharing time with other like-minded individuals on a journey of personal discovery. 

The workshops are designed to develop and enhance your internal wisdom to enable you to create a state of well-being for yourself. 

Some of these workshops will be exclusively for women, but not all. 

Many workshops will be jointly run with other qualified therapist in additional fields such as sound or art therapy.

More information will be available soon, thank you for your patience. 

This page is constantly being updated, please check again later for current workshops in your area.

Workshops currently under development; Empowerment Workshops for Women, Tapping for Cravings, Return to the Homelands of the Soul, Kick Start Weight Loss programme, Humming for Wholeness & Other Voice / Sound workshops, Finding your Divinity,  Big Change Little Steps, Gas Lighting.
If you wish to register your interest in one of these one day workshops, please email me at therapiesnd@gmail.com or text me: 07824 882224
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    The subconscious mind is a vast resource of creativity and solution orientated answers. By accessing this part of our minds we become free to respond to challenges in positive and constructive ways.

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    Together we will explore the areas of your life that you wish to look at and move on from, and any underlying discomforts you wish to acknowledge along the way.

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    Why not see what EFT ('Emotional Freedom Technique') can do for you. As a qualified EFT practioner in Okehampton I can use the EFT tapping techniques to assist you with making positive changes.

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    I also run my own workshops and can design and run personalized workshops for groups tailored specifically for their needs.